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One thing I hear a lot is that, “Once it is listed in the MLS, it will sell itself.” But will it though? Take the time to compare the photos from different listings. Some you can clearly tell were done professionally. The lighting is just right. No dim and dark rooms and nothing overly bright and blown out. Even the tough shots that are pointing directly at a window look beautiful. And what about the number of photos? It is pretty much never acceptable to only have one single photo for a home.  Some rooms deserve multiple angles to really capture the flow of the floorplan.


For an agent to think that standard cell phone photos are acceptable for every listing is just wrong. Sure, there are some people who can do stellar photos with a cell phone camera. But, no matter how good you are with a cell phone camera and post shoot editing, you will never be able to get the lighting as good as professional quality HDR photos. When there are too many varying light levels and sources, a cell phone camera, or even an amateur photographer, just can’t get the shot right.


Just compare the two photos in the post. One was taken by me, a completely untrained photographer just with my cell phone camera. The other was taken by our photographer. I’m not going to pretend I know the first thing about photography, but there is clearly a huge difference in these two photos. Obviously, the angle is different. But look at the lighting difference. And how the colors pop differently. If I were listing my home for sale on the market, I would definitely want the bright, crisp photos compared to the dark, dingy ones. Unfortunately, a lot of agents are using photos of similar quality to our low quality example. Before you decide to list your home, take a look at the quality of photos on other listings from your potential agent. Make sure they are high quality and are going to give an accurate first impression of your home to potential buyers across the internet. 


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