The Need of a Professional Property Manager

Are you trying to decide between hiring a property management company or self-managing your rental?


Many investment property owners feel stuck when they are faced with this question.

First, there are some basic factors that you should consider, such as:


  • How much time do you have for landlord duties?
  • Do you have extensive prior experience with property management?
  • How many properties do you have to manage?

Another thing to keep in mind is this: partnering with a professional property management company isn’t just an investment. You’ll enjoy the long-term benefits of less daily stress and have more time for things you really love to do.


In this article, we’ll go over the importance of property management to landlords and tenants. That’s right, both sides of a rental agreement stand to benefit from a successful partnership with a property manager.




#1: Growth

Professional property managers know how to take care of your investment. You are likely to see an increase in your ROI as the company works on improving your goals.

The improved business rests on many activities carried out by qualified property managers. For example, you’ll benefit from a lower vacancy rate, comprehensive tenant screening, and on-time monthly rent payments.


#2: Legal Support & Compliance

Many landlords find it difficult to navigate the legal jungle of landlord-tenant relationships. As a landlord, you face a dense mesh of laws on the federal, state, and local levels.

Even if you have learned about the relevant statutes, some important details can be updated at any time. The people working in property management companies are well-versed in landlord-tenant laws and related legal frameworks. Also, regular in-house training ensures that the people working with your property are up-to-date on the latest developments. 


#3: No Stress

Self-managing a property is always much harder in practice than it seems at first. Landlords have numerous tasks. And the more properties you have, the less time you can find for yourself.

Just consider some of the things that you have to face as a landlord on a daily basis:

  • You need to solve and repair any maintenance requests.
  • You have to screen prospective tenants and collect rent.
  • There is a need for legal compliance, which means expensive consultations or endless studies.

When you partner up with a professional property manager, you won’t have to deal with these worries anymore. You open up free time that you can use for your other investments, hobbies, and family.

Many landlords have described a significant increase in their quality of life after hiring a qualified property manager.




#1: Quick Responses

Renters love getting quick and constructive answers when they express a concern or request maintenance. Delayed responses and repairs are frustrating, to say the least.

Professional property managers won’t let this type of situation happen. They strive towards swift communication and efficient decision-making. The tenants will directly benefit from this professional work ethic.


#2: High-Quality Services

Professional property managers have a list of highly-qualified vendors and workers. Since they form an ongoing partnership, the property managers can pick companies that deliver consistently great results with great prices.

Renters tend to feel more comfortable asking for maintenance and other help when they communicate with a property management company. For example, the feeling of calling about an emergency in the middle of the night is different. The response is stress-free and always professional.


#3: No Repair Costs

Renting allows people not to worry about repair and maintenance costs. As a tenant, you want to make sure that skipping homeownership will bring you all the benefits of renting.

As long as the damages won’t result from negligence or willful misconduct, you can be sure that the company arranges a solution as soon as possible. Knowing that you have this support at all times is a valuable thing.


In a nutshell: The Importance of Property Management

The services of property management companies benefit landlords and tenants alike. Having a qualified property manager by your side makes life easier for all the parties involved.


Top Landlord Benefits:

  • Professional property management partners ensure the steady growth of your investment.
  • You can say goodbye to the daily worries and tasks that turn overwhelming more often than not.
  • As a landlord, you don’t have to stress about legal compliance and the latest changes.

Top Tenant Benefits:

  • Renters benefit from consistent and reliable communication.
  • Tenants enjoy high-quality services and on-time maintenance responses.

Your renters know that they will experience all the upsides of renting instead of buying a home.

Article courtesy of Derek Dawson of Dawson Property Management

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