October 27, 2020

7 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell

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Are you ready to sell your home? The fall can be a beautiful time for Rocky Mount NC real estate, with the bright colors, cool weather, and the holiday season upon us. People are ready to buy, but is your house ready to sell? Keystone Realty understands the amount of work that it takes to get a house ready for sale, which is why we have provided the top few ways that you can prepare your home for selling! 

  1. Clean everything. There are areas in your home that you might not be able to notice are dusty or dirty, but buyers definitely will! Dust the tops of any flat surface, polish your appliances, knobs, and any shelf decoration, and give the windows a thorough wipedown. It can be helpful to bring friends or neighbors into your home to help find areas that may need to be touched up.
  2. Clear out clutter. When buyers are taking a tour of a home they may potentially purchase, they are trying to envision themselves in the space, and that is difficult to do when your family’s items are filling up the house. Taking personal items such as family pictures, artwork on the fridge, and meaningful accessories out of the area and into storage is a good first step to decluttering. Cleaning out drawers and closets, and organizing what is left is also beneficial. 
  3. Repaint the walls with neutral colors. While a red kitchen and a bright yellow bathroom can be beautiful and expressive, neutral wall colors are the best way to go when trying to sell your home in Rocky Mount NC real estate areas. People tend to favor neutral colors throughout the home to make it feel cohesive and clean. If your walls are already a neutral color, make sure to do a little bit of touching up, as everyday wear and tear can make the paint look dull or dirty. 
  4. Light the way. Curtains and blinds are great decorative and functional pieces for privacy, but when potential buyers in the Rocky Mount NC real estate area are touring your home, open up the blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light into the room as possible. In darker corners or hallways, add lamps or other lighting fixtures to keep the area bright, making any area look larger and more inviting. 
  5. Give each room a purpose. This is an important one for assisting potential buyers in visualizing how they could fit in your home. If a spare room has been used as a dumping ground for holiday decorations, overflow guests, or at-home office supplies, decide on one use for the room and clear out the other clutter. Clearly stage the room to show what the use is, and help the buyer get the gist of the available space in your home. 
  6. Make it look “lived in.” All of this organizing, cleaning, and redecorating can make a home look brand new! But too much can make the buyers feel cold or unwelcome. Rocky Mount NC real estate agents at Keystone Realty suggest putting out a fresh batch of cookies ro remind your guests of being at home, place a cup of coffee and an open book by the reading nook to help visualize cozying up at the end of the night with their favorite read, and add towels and soap into the bathroom to show that it can be used. 
  7. Curb appeal counts. Spending all of your project’s budget indoors can really help, until you step outside and realize you forgot the first impression of the home, your yard. Trimming shrubs, edging walkways, applying a fresh coat of paint, and placing potted plants around can instantly boost the curb appeal of your home for potential buyers. 

It is important to remember what components made you buy your home in the first place and accentuate that. Your home will be beautiful and with the help of the experienced real estate agents at Keystone Realty, your home will sell in no time. Contact any of our Rocky Mount NC real estate agents to learn more about the extra efforts we provide to make selling your home a breeze. 

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