September 17, 2020

Home Buyer Checklist

Home Buyer Checklist | Rocky Mount NC real estate | Keystone Realty

Keystone Realty is the first to understand that buying a home can be confusing and stressful, which is why we want to make the process as simple as possible. By offering personalized service, constant open communication, expert-level real estate knowledge, and more, Keystone Rocky Mount NC real estate is dedicated to being there for you every step of the way to a successful transaction. 

One of the first things to do when scheduling a showing to buy a home is to create a checklist of the essential areas to inspect. Seeing an area for the first time can be exciting and distracting, so having a list of areas that are important to you to double-check on is an easy and effective way of making sure the space is right for you! A few components to keep in mind are: 

  • Windows. Is natural light important for your space? Which direction is the house facing, resulting in when natural light will be shining in and what areas will it be hitting? Check the view of larger windows, are you peering directly into your neighbors home or do you overlook a beautiful backyard with lots of privacy? 
  • Electrical outlets. This may seem like such a small detail, but Keystone Realty, Rocky Mount NC real estate, says that being able to envision where you would put your furniture in the space, then mapping out where the outlets are to see if it is realistic or not is important. You don’t want your “bedside” table lamp to have to be across the room because that is where the only outlet is. 
  • Appliances. In some homes, appliances are updated right before the sale making the area look nice and up to date, but in some cases, they are old and used. Is having renovated appliances important to you as a buyer? Are you sure that the appliances come with the space? Asking to see how they function and testing them out is acceptable when walking through the house. 
  • Hidden issues. Everyone knows the term “just sweep it under the rug,” but do you want that to be a forgotten area when walking through a potential investment? Make sure to lift up rugs laid out, check behind pictures hung, and large pieces of furniture for any floor or wall damage that might be covered up. 
  • Attic and crawl spaces. If the property has one of these two areas, it is important to gain the full knowledge from Keystone Realty, Rocky Mount NC real estate, about how the areas have been kept up and prepared for the sale. Is the attic insulated and accessible? Will you gain extra storage space or does it need to be renovated? In the crawl space, have there been any issues with pests, flooding, or erosion? 

This list is just the beginning of areas to pay attention to when looking at purchasing a new home. Your representatives at Keystone Realty Rocky Mount NC real estate will help you throughout the entire process of house searching and will be there with extra tips and tricks. Contact us today to begin your home buying journey!  

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