“Y’all do things differently around here.”

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We had a tenant tell us that this week. And it absolutely made our day.

She was talking about how we handle showings on our rental properties.

Most every company in town has the same process for viewing rental properties. Bring a photo ID with a few dollars in cash to be held as a deposit, then you can pick up the key to go view the property. Bring the key back, and you get your money back.


This presents a few issues. The first of which is that potential tenants can only go view rental properties during business hours Monday through Friday. Well, you really want a tenant that has a job. And if you have a job, odds are you’re working Monday to Friday from 9-5. That makes it really difficult to go view rental homes when the only time you can check out a key is when you are supposed to be at work.


The second issue is much more focused on the landlord rather than the tenant. The landlord will have sometimes dozens of people in and out of their rental property while it is vacant, with no one going to check on the property. Most of the time this isn’t an issue. But, sometimes, tenants may not lock the door behind them on the way out. Or they may have adjusted the HVAC to an unreasonably high or low temperature. The landlord is unlikely to find out about that until they get an unusually high utility bill after paying to excessively heat/cool a vacant house for a few weeks.

This brings us back to how we do things differently here at Keystone Realty.


We don’t lend out keys to our rental properties.


In order to view one of our rentals, tenants fill out a simple form on our website at Showings Page. We take basic contact information, employment information, a digital copy of a driver’s license, and a digital copy of proof of employment. One of our property managers will personally review all the information provided on the form. We will then issue the tenant a four digit code via text message to the number provided on the form. At the property, we have a digital lockbox. The tenant enters the four digit code during their scheduled appointment time, and that allows them to get the key to access the property. The code only works during their allotted showing time. After the tenant is done, they return the key back to the lockbox and go on their way. Within 24 hours, one of our property managers will go to every single property that has been shown to make sure the property is still secure, the thermostat is set to a reasonable temperature, and that all lights are off.


So, yes we do things very differently. We like to think we do things better. We try to look out for the working tenant who can’t get off long enough to go to an office, pick up a key, view a property, drop the key back off, and make it back to work on their lunch hour. We also try to look out for the landlord by making sure their property is checked on every time someone goes into the property. This is just one way that Keystone Realty differs from other property management companies. If you’d like to learn more about the other ways we serve our clients, get in touch with us

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