What makes Property Management with us DIFFERENT?




Communication is the key to success in any relationship, and property management is no different. When your property is under management at Keystone Realty, we will be in constant contact with you every step of the way. 


Our communication plan includes:



– Weekly showing activity report when your property is vacant

– Same day notification when a tenant is secured

– Quarterly inspection reports with photos

– Notifications for all maintenance work orders

– Check in two months prior to lease expiration to discuss renewal options
– Immediate notification once tenant move out notice has been submitted
– Monthly owner statements


Hands-on Management



We are proud to be a boutique style brokerage, but what does that mean for our landlords? It means we provide a very high level of service to a small number of clients. Our two NCREC licensed brokers handle 100% of the day to day management of our rental properties. You will never be forced to work with an unlicensed assistant who has never stepped foot in your property or be left hanging after you have left message after message with a receptionist. No part of our management is outsourced. Our property managers are dedicated to ensuring they know everything that is going on with your investment property at all times.


We also carry that personal relationship to the tenant side of the business. Our tenants know that we can be reached at all times for maintenance issues. We serve as the owner’s first line of defense by troubleshooting maintenance calls directly with the tenant. We may be able to diagnose something as simple as a tripped breaker with the tenant and save our landlord a service call to the electrician. Because we are directly involved in the day to day management of your property, we are able to ensure your property is properly cared for, rather than just aimlessly sending vendors every time a work order is placed.

Property Inspections



We have found the best way to protect your investment is to personally be in the property ourselves. That means our two NCREC licensed brokers personally inspect all of our properties under management every quarter. By doing so, we are able to check for any deferred maintenance items that have not been reported by the tenant. We also check kitchens and baths for leaks at plumbing fixtures, which often go unnoticed by tenants. As the owner, you will get a full detailed report with photos in your online owner’s portal.


In addition, we also verify how the tenant is keeping the home. If the home is not being kept clean and tidy, we will give the tenant written notice to improve the condition of the home or face eviction. By having our two expert property managers in your property on a regular basis, we are able to catch small problems early on and prevent them from growing into massive, expensive bills for the owner.


You can read more about our inspection program by CLICKING HERE.

Personalized Showings




When your property is vacant and marketed for rent with us, we ensure that it is properly taken care of. That means that our NCREC licensed brokers will be there to show the property to all prospective tenants. We do not lend out keys for prospective tenants and we do not provide lockbox codes for prospective tenants to go view the property on their own time.


We ensure only qualified potential tenants will view your home by verifying household income prior to scheduling an appointment. This reduces the amount of unnecessary traffic in and out of your home and also the risk of potential issues while the home is vacant.


Meeting the prospective tenant at the showing lets us begin building a relationship and rapport early on in the process. It also gives us a chance to go over any questions that the prospective tenant may have about the property or applying for the property. This typically helps to put the prospective tenant at ease to know who the property managers are and to put a face with a name. At the end of the showing, we also send the prospective tenant a direct link back to our website to make it easier for them to apply if they are interested. Lastly, we make a final walkthrough of the property to ensure that all lights are off, windows are locked, and the property is secure before we leave.

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